Beautiful Custom Homes Built at an Affordable Price!

Building Your Dream Home!

Blessing Homes builds affordable, high quality homes that are tailored to each customer’s needs. We take pride in our work and build every house as if it were our own. Our homes adorn communities throughout Montgomery, Liberty, and Walker counties, and some even farther. We are happy to build on our lot or yours. In short, we’re committed to building your dream home, in your dream location.

Your Floor Plan: Customized and Hassle-Free!

At Blessing Homes, we have hundreds of floor plans! We have a full time designer on staff who works with each customer to give them their own personal floor plan. Sometimes customers tweak one of our plans and sometimes they bring in their own, sketched on a sheet of paper. Every time they get their own plan customized just for them. We don’t believe in cookie cutter houses.

Your Team, Working For You!

Many customers who sit down with us the first time have never built a house before and they don’t understand the process. They don’t know how the financing works, or how the land is handled with the loan. They don’t how long it takes to build a house or what goes into it. They don’t know their HOA and they’ve never even heard of an ACC. The whole idea of building a house seems a little overwhelming and that’s when we smile and say “Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for!”

My family and I want to thank Dan and everyone who worked on our little house. Buddy and our grandson Nick will be very happy when we move in soon. Thanks again!
Glen & Judy